Friday, October 1, 2010

Slow Me Down

I am listening to a song with the lyrics "Oh won't You take my hand and lead me, slow me down...I need You to slow me down."  I have realized today how busy I let my life get throughout high school and college.  I LOVE being busy and I feel somewhat "useless" if I'm not doing something.  But sitting with the windows open, feeling the breeze, looking at the blue sky and listening to music WITHOUT a list of things that must be done is as soon as possible is so freeing.  I feel like the better part of this time at home, when I've had the free time to slow down and stop worrying about busy schedules I have just started worrying about how to fill the free time.  I do not plan on becoming a lazy bum and completely stop the things I am doing, but hopefully I won't take the free time I have been given for granted and sit back and enjoy it.  The circumstance isn't the greatest, but might as well make the best of it.

I found out the surgery date today.  Monday October 11th at 3pm.  I'm nervous, but definitely more than ready to get this process started.

If you find any free time at all, slow down and ENJOY IT.
So much love!!

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