Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Its Over!

I can't believe my surgery is over! It has taken so long to get to this point and it is a huge relief not to have that hanging over me.
 I went in for surgery at about 3:30 and woke up around 5- 5:30 I would say.  I had the best nurses in the world!  And couldn't have been more thankful for that.  Once I woke up, I was pretty awake.  I was in some pain but tried to ignore it and focus on drinking and eating...since I hadn't had anything since midnight the night before. I only got down a fourth of a graham cracker and 2 bites of soup before I started feeling nauseous, so I was given a large dose of pain meds and some anti nausea medicine which knocked me out for a good 2-3 hours.  I woke up feeling much better and at just a tad more.  Then i was able to work up enough energy to walk around the hallway once. I also figured out that I have some numbness (that was a possibility) in my left arm from my elbow to my shoulder. A VERY weird feeling and we are still not sure if it will come back or not...only time will tell. After that I basically slept the rest of the night, just being woken up a couple times by the nurses to empty the lymph fluids from my tube.

This morning the doctor came in at around 8:30 and gave me a run through on how to work the tube and the incision under my arm.  I took some more pain meds that put me to sleep for a few more hours, then around 11-11:30 got to go home.  It feels great to be home I'm getting up more a little at a time and eating a bit more too.  My parents are my angels.  They have been so great changing the fluid and getting me food or water or anything I would possibly need.

I am SO thankful for all the texts, messages, calls, visits...ect.  The love I'm feeling from everyone is overwhelming.  Thank you for everything.

God is good.

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