Saturday, October 2, 2010

Today was a pretty lazy day.  I did SO much enjoy reading the book my cousin wrote, One Step at a Time.  It was phenomenal.  The weather was cold and rainy so sitting inside and reading was the perfect thing to do. It is still hard for me to enjoy slowing down completely. I cannot wait for next week when I get to substitute teach!  A schedule, even for just a week, will be wonderful.
I also babysat tonight for a family that I've known for years now.  The dad went through almost exactly the same thing I am going through now, so it is always very nice and reassuring talking to him.  It helps me to prepare for what is ahead.  I think it is so crazy the people God puts in your life when you need it most.

I'm feeling nervous for the surgery, but trying to just be excited about the things happening this week like substitute teaching and visiting IU.  :)

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