Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Well I was wrong about having no updates for a couple more days.  My mom called the doctor who gave us the second opinion (in Chicago) to make sure that the slides were getting sent to get the genetic testing that he had suggested.  He then told us that the slides were shipped in the wrong packaging and were busted.  yeah.....so he is going to try and put the pieces together to see if there is some way to look at them correctly, but he believes that there is no way we are going to be able to get the genetic testing because of the condition the slides are in.
I'm feeling again very frustrated.  I feel like when I finally get a handle on how things are going there is always yet another obstacle in the way.  Those slides are very important in letting doctors know how to treat this.
Another update is that we called my oncologist about the genetic testing and he said that whether or not the test comes out positive or negative for melanoma, there (to him) is not enough evidence or reliability to say that its not cancer.  He suggests that I would get the surgery no matter what the genetic results were.
That is not really what I wanted to hear because I had started getting a glimpse of hope that I would not have the surgery however I feel MUCH better knowing that I have a plan for the future. It is comforting knowing what will happen next week even if its not what I had hoped for.  (If we could just keep it that way, it would be great.)
Ohhhh what a rollercoaster....

Off to Purdue today to see some friends!

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