Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Purdue Fun! and a bit of nerves

Yesterday and today I was at Purdue visiting friends.  I'm had a WONDERFUL time! My final conclusion is that IU is sooo much better!!! (except for the food courts).  ;)

There are no new updates except the confirmation that I won't be getting a third opinion.  My oncologist feels that even though they are not 100% sure that it isn't melanoma, they are not 100% sure that its not, so it would be better for me to error on the safe side and get the surgery.  This makes sense to me and I'm still relieved that I have a solid plan.  The surgery is scheduled for the 14th of September which is next Tuesday.  Yesterday I got very nervous lying in bed, realizing that I would have the surgery in a week.  Before now it always seemed like a long way away, but now its coming up really fast.  I guess that's good so I can just get this over with.

I love you all SO much and can't wait to have this done and over with. Thank you everyone for all the thoughts and prayers.

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