Sunday, November 7, 2010

This weekend has been great!  Thursday I got to go down to IU.  I had so much fun visiting with friends and going to formal. :)  On Saturday I came home with a friend and we were able to catch up and watch a movie.  Later my family played a friendly game of and I won! (of course) Sunday girls from my the small group I lead in Bloomington drove up to see me.  We played a great game of apples to apples and some ping pong. An excellent weekend!
 Overall I haven't had much of a problem with my arm.  Now that the tube is out I don't notice it as much.  I still cannot lift it higher than my shoulder but the constant pain is about gone.  I am feeling a little bit of swelling underneath my arm....  Tomorrow when I go to the appt with my surgeon he will probably drain it.  I also found out about the mole that was taken off on my neck. It was normal! :)  That was a very big relief!

We still haven't made the second appointment with my oncologist, but it will probably happen next week.

Thank you SO much for the prayers.
With love

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