Sunday, November 14, 2010


Today was the final day of IU Dance Marathon. I was SO thankful that I was able participate as a dancer for some of the time.  It was the perfect time for me to hear all of the Riley stories because listening what these kids are going through made me realize how good I have it.  There was one specific boy who had to have chemo for 3 years starting when he was 3.  His mom told of how nervous she was to have him go through the side effects of the treatment and one of the nurses said, "You just have to have faith".  This stuck out to me because I know how nervous my family and I are about the side effects of the interferon and hearing, "You just have to have faith" was a great reminder. 

Friday I went to my physical therapist. The appointment went great and I already have more range of motion in my arm.  As of now I have no swelling in my arm! :)  I was taught plenty of different ways to prevent the swelling from ever coming. 

I'm feeling alright today.  I started taking the medicine that will prevent me from getting as high of fever and aches and pains but it made me dizzy and tired. I'm hoping that just because of my lack of sleep from IUDM the medicine effected me that way.  We'll see how I feel tomorrow.
Praying lots for this interferon tomorrow. I'm feeling at peace about it still. :)
I love you all!!

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