Monday, November 8, 2010

Last Appointment w/ my Surgeon :)

Today I had my last follow up appt with my surgeon.  WOOHOO! :)  He said that everything is looking great!  My scar looks good and I have a little bit of swelling but its nothing that my body can't fix itself.  He tried to take stick a needle under my arm and drain any extra fluid but hardly anything came out.  Very relived that all has gone so well with the surgery.  I'm SO thankful for that group of doctors and nurses. They took such good care of me.  Its hard to believe but I think I'm going to miss seeing that staff.  Haha, even the front desk new my name and face. All I had to do was wave and they would tell the doctor I was there.  I never want to go back, but I feel very thankful to have been in such good hands.
Later today I went and had lunch with my dad and grandma and am now trying to decide if, where, and when to get the treatment.

Needing LOTS of prayers about this.
SO much love!!!

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