Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Gaining Energy

After trying to get over the surgery and the cold I'm FINALLY feeling more myself again.  Living without the drain is AMAZING. :)  I still have to watch for any swelling (so far none) but am overall feeling very positive right now.  With gaining energy, I've also discovered how out of shape I am. Not out of shape in the sense that it is hard for me to swim a full practice, but out of shape in that I just walked in the mall for 45 minutes then came home and walked Beau around the block (a 15 min walk).  My legs are now killing me.....I'm going to try and do more activities from now on to build back up. Slowly but surely. Its just hard to figure out what I can and can't do still.  I made my first physical therapy appt for November 12th.  I'm looking forward to hearing how best to gain more movement in my arm and what changes I'll need to be making for the rest of my life to keep the swelling from ever starting.

Today I also visited some of the people who work at my church. It was great seeing everyone.  I did meet one person who I had never met before. When introduced to her, she responded with "THE Rachel Bewley!?" haha...She said she has been praying for me each week. Someone I have never met or even knew existed is talking to God about me each week.  It brings me to tears thinking about it.  It just doesn't seem possible.

Love and Blessings,

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