Thursday, August 26, 2010

August 26 - Oncology Appointment/ IU loving

This morning I had an appointment with my oncologist.  He is much less intimidating than my surgeon, so its easier to ask him questions.  Thank goodness!  He suggested for my family's sake that it would be important to get a second opinion of another surgeon and pathologist.  We were informed that it was most likely going to be the same prognosis, but we are getting it more so there is no more doubt about the surgery and treatment. We decided to give make the surgery for the 14th of September so that we can get the second opinion before the surgery.  The oncologist also explained that even if the rest of the lymph nodes they take out during the surgery come out negative, I will still need to get the interferon treatment.  (Good thing I already decided no school this semester) The interferon treatment, if I am correct, will be administered through an IV every day for about an hour for 30 days then self injections three times a week for a year.  The symptoms of this are flu like symptoms such as fever, chills, aches, and fatigue.  After the month treatment I will be monitored about every 3 months to check for cancer then get an MRI and PET scan every 6 months to check for more cancer.  After 2 years there is a much higher percentage about 80-90% chance that I will not have any recurring cancer. WOOHOO! :)

After that appointment I got to go to IU to see my AGD sisters and friends from my dorm last year, TB4! The weather in Bloomington was perfect.   I cannot even begin to explain how much love I feel from everyone at IU.  The hugs, smiles, and jokes are EXACTLY what I need.  Thank you all.

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